The Vagrant Heart is a travel journal — an ongoing log of images that I have taken with my iPhone (the photographic essays grouped as ‘Cities’ and ‘Nature’) and of accompanying narratives (the creative writings and visuals grouped as ‘Murmurs’).

Each ‘Murmur’ weaves my own thoughts and experiences along with historical and cultural products and knowledge [see REFERENCE] to create both a personal and universal connection with each place.

The initial version of this site was launched on 8 August 2016 following a series of teaser videos (see REFERENCE).



I am George Onisiforou. I was born in Larnaca, Cyprus and currently live in Sydney. 

I am grateful for the ongoing support and encouragement of my family and friends. I want to thank my friend Jennifer Vo-Phuoc for her assistance in finalising parts of this site, Millie and Jack Feeney for showing me Kakadu, and Domenic Bartlett-Roylance for sharing the ride. 




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